What are Matrix PDO Threads?


Matrix PDO Threads are another method of tightening and thickening your skin. They are a type of single PDO filament, are smooth and without barbs


Matrix PDO Threads are inserted into the sub dermal level, in a mesh-like pattern, to promote the creation of new collagen. The threads activate collagen synthesis which produces a gradual skin thickening, skin tightening and rejuvenation effect.


They are minimally invasive and can also be used multiple times.


What are Matrix PDO threads made from?


Our mono threads are made from Polydioxanone – an absorbable polymer. This material is both flexible and durable.


The threads become a support structure for your face, allowing collagen production to increase. Overtime, the threads are absorbed by the body.


How do Matrix PDO threads tighten the skin?


They induce natural collagen production, which creates a tightening effect. This effect lasts for 6-12 months.


Results may be seen in 6 weeks and will continue to improve over 2 to 6 months. While the threads slowly dissolve, their effects may last up to 12 months.


How do they differ from barbed threads?


PDO threads differ from thread lifts, which use long barbed threads to lift tissues. Instead, mono threads provide an improvement of fine lines and wrinkles by gradually stimulating natural collagen production.


There are two different types of Matrix Threads:


Matrix Mono Threads. Matrix Mono Threads are a type of single PDO filament which are smooth and made without barbs. They are inserted into the skin in a mesh-like pattern, producing a tightening effect. While Matrix Mono Threads tighten the skin, they provide no lifting effect.


Matrix Double Screw Threads. Matrix Screw Threads feature a double thread screw, consisting of 1-2 intertwined threads, which provide volume to the area being treated.

They are used by patients who only desire skin tightening and rejuvenation.


What happens during a Matrix PDO Thread Treatment?


Topical anaesthetic is applied to the treatment area. Some tenderness may be experienced after the first few hours following treatment. The PDO Threads are inserted using a micro-needle or a cannula. There is no incision and subsequently, no stitches required.


Treatments sessions typically take between 30 to 60 minutes. The procedure must also be provided by a medical professional who has been fully trained.


What areas can Matrix PDO Threads be used to treat?


The threads can be used to treat the following areas:


Upper and lower cheeks

Forehead and brows

Neck and jawline

Nose to mouth lines

Marionette lines






Prices can vary for each individual depending on the amount of threads required to achieve the desired result. An exact quote can be given during a consultation. Below is a guideline only:


Forehead lines $600

Frown Lines $300

Eyebrow lift $400

Temporal Hollowing $600

Malar Thickening (cheeks) $400

Crow’s feet $600

Tear Trough $600

Accordion Lines $600

Naso-labial Folds $500

Marionette/ Oral Connoisseurs $500

Perioral Lines (smokers lines) $400

Lip Borders $250

Submental Jawline $750

Neck Lines$900- $1200

Decolletage $800-$1200

Arms $$400-750

Knees $600-$1200

Abdomen $1500

Buttocks From $1500+  

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